Sydney & Central Coast

General Conveyancing FAQ's

Q: Do I have to visit your office?
Q: Will I get an exemption of stamp duty if I am a first home buyer?
Q: Will I get the first home owners grant for any property I buy?
Q: How will you identify me?
Q: What do you need to know?
Q: What if I like a property that is going to auction?
Q: Where can I find your email address?
Q: What is a cooling off period?
Q: What if I'm looking at a property going to auction?
Q: Do I need a Solicitor as well as a Licensed Conveyancer?
Q: What parts of the process can World Class Conveyancing NOT assist with?
Q: What is an offset account?
Q: What is "equity" in a home?
Q: What are adjustments?
Q: If purchasing, when can I re-inspect the property?
Q: I need to organise a removalist - can you tell me what time settlement is?
Q: Do I have to attend settlement?
Q: My property has just settled, when do I get my money?
Q: What if I get an email that I'm unsure of?

World Class Conveyancing are conveniently located in Sydney at Bankstown and Miranda, and on the Central Coast at Erina.

World Class Conveyancing PTY LTD

ABN 95 618 310 884
Corporation Lic: 05008195
Personal Lic: 05003091


Cyber security is a priority which is why we share documents with you via a secure portal: Law Connect. Our trust account details will be notified within that portal and will not change during your transaction. Please ensure to be cautious of any emails you receive purporting to give account details or requesting yours. We cannot accept responsibility if you transfer money into an incorrect bank account.