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6 things you should do when you've found a prope...

Posted on 9 September 2018
6 things you should do when you've found a property to purchase...
You've found a property you love, what are the first 6 important steps? Ask the agent to send through a Contract to us for review before you sign anything; Decide whether you want to put down an initial deposit to hold the property while you're getting ready with your inspections and finance (this is called a cooling off period - for more information on this process click here; Organise some inspections.  We can send you through recommendations for pest and bu...
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What costs should I consider when selling my home?

Posted on 1 July 2018
What costs should I consider when selling my home?
There are a number of costs to take into account when making the decision to sell your home. The first step is to consider what type of home loan you have.  If you have fixed your interest rate for a term, then the bank will likely have "break costs"- these can be substantial.  So you should speak to your bank about the amount that would apply in your circumstance before committing to a sale.  Generally, the longer you have left remaining on the fixed period,...
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What is a first home buyer in NSW?

Posted on 24 June 2018
What is a first home buyer in NSW?
In NSW, to be a first home buyer, you must be a person of at least 18 years of age who has not, and whose spouse/de facto has not: at any time owned (either solely or with someone else) residential property in Australia other than property owned solely as trustee or executor previously received an exemption or concession under First HomeNew Home The First Home Buyers Assistance scheme provides eligible purchasers with exemptions on transfer duty on new and existing hom...
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